Brand Positioning

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Ishu is a technology infused fashion brand that launched the worlds first anti-paparazzi scarf which gained instant recognition through major fashion and technology publications and went viral in 2016 when celebrities started to black out when photographers were trying to take unwanted photographs. Ishu needed a social video campaign to reflect their new product offerings and the opening of the flagship store in London. They also wanted to capture the signature fashion differentiator of their product: The Ishu Anti-Paparazzi Scarf.

Our Team, designed and developed videos for Facebook and Instagram that were both functional and engaging which promoted their new products at the forefront. We created fun animations and GIFS to show each products unique anti flash technology and functionality. Post-launch, Future™ rolled out our support services which included Blogging, Social media management, email marketing to ensure the new products and official London store made a wave in Ishu’s global market. The end result was dynamic visuals and creative animations throughout the campaign which helped the end user see the dramatic effects of anti-flash technology while drawing organic traffic towards the website.


  • creative
  • lead get strategy
  • motion design
  • social media advertising
  • content creation
  • email marketing
  • 3D design
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